zondag 22 februari 2009

Nieuwe schutting

About our electric drill being with DD for some time now: We could rent an electric drill at our local DIY-shop, we even have nice neighbours who are happy to have us use theirs. Ofcourse, I did not think of that possibiliy, but we owe one, so why rent one.

Today, we tried to hang the venetian blinds in the bathroom. We tried, because it turned out, that we need special screws. We want to hang them onto the ceiling, because we do not want to make holes in the tiles. But the ceiling is made of mdf board or something like that and some of the screws need more substantial material, so tomorrow I have to go to de DIY-shop and buy some special plugs. You see: that's why we both do not like this kind of work in the house.

Yesterday the wood for the new fence was delivered. I only ordered it a week ago and they said it would take 10 to 14 days. I expected a longer delivery time, because the weather is not very good here in Germany. My neighbor was surprised too, because he has to cut some of his shrubs and he now has less time to have it finished. Until last year there was a wooden fence between us, but it was build by the neighbors when they built their house, about 4 years before we came in 1994. Over the years his fence was slowly falling apart, but we started to live abroad about 5 years ago, so it was not bothering us. Of course, shrubs tend to grow wherever they can, so last summer, with no fence to stop them, they have started to overgrow the boundaries of our lot.

I made pictures of the unloading of the wood and usual the driver was embarrassed when he saw me taking pictures. I think it's interesting that men often react that they would have dressed up if they would have known that there would be some lady taking pictures :o) Of course, I told him I was mostly interested in the wood.
The carpenters want to start building in the middle of the week and I am looking forward to having a fence again. We have nice neighbors, but I do not like the distance between us too short :o)

DH and I had to carry these few beams to the back of the house and I can tell you it was pretty heavy, although it doesn't look like it.

This one was too heavy, we left it under the carport.

The beams resting on the deck until being cut. On the last picture you see our garden in the front, in the distance the neighbors

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Krekeltje zei

gelukkig laten jullie de schutting zetten, misschien als je de timmermannen lief in de ogen kijkt willen ze ook die paar schroeven in het plafond draaien? Moet je natuurlijk zorgen dat DH niet thuis is, dan kan je hem als zeer onhandig uittekenen en zelf speel je een beetje de onhandige huisvrouw.