donderdag 19 februari 2009


Today I get the feeling, that everybody knows how to get pictures into a blog, except for me.... ok, ok, I am not whining, it just takes so much of my time to work out how everything should be done. But I have decided to start onto this learning path, so I will accept this and will trust that after some time I will get used to it. It keeps my brains flexible, which is one of my daily life-goals. 

When I installed gadgets into my new blog yesterday, I more or less by accident made myself a follower of the blogs I was reading for several years. Then I received a very kind thank-you for following in my email and the writer asked if I could show my work. Since showing is one of the reasons to 
write here, I am happy to follow that request. Since I am learning through trial and error, it will take some time until I have everything installed here.

Today I show you pictures of one of my W(ork) I(n) P(rogress). It is a group project of one of the german internetgroups I am a member of. We are doing redwork. I always try to do things a bit different, so I use a blue background fabric from Kaffe Fassett and I do the stitching with light blue yarn that is called "dansk Blomstergarn". Normally you would transfer your picture 
onto the (light) background using some kind of 
lighting underneath, but I use this carbon paper. 
It works well, it just fades while stitching, so then I take the quilting pencil. 

We are doing 9 different blocks, one every two weeks. My blocks will be 10".
This saturday we will receive the fourth block, so I am doing well with keeping up with the group. 

I am also still learning to use my digital camera. Recently my son showed me how to use the manual function. The pictures are much better now, but these are all taken on different dates and I see that I have to write down what buttons I used......

5 opmerkingen:

Nellie's Needles zei

Thank you for posting the photos of your lovely, well done embroidered blocks. The blue on blue works really well.

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Gut, m'n bericht doet moeilijk en verschijnt nu misschien wel 2 x?
Ik wilde zeggen dat ik de stitchery met katje natuurlijk helemaal 't einde vind. Maar ze zijn alle 3 echt mooi Marie-Thérèse!

Marie-Thérèse zei

Hallo Yvonne
Er is uiteindelijk maar 1x een berichtje van je. Je weet, ik kon op mijn oude blog niet uit de voeten en ik hoop echt, dat het hier beter gaat. Zeg het rustig,als er iets niet lukt.
En die kat is leuk, hè.

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Hier ben ik weer!
Het ligt misschien aan mijn PC maar als ik op je foto's klik gebeurt er eigenlijk niks.... :-(
Op andere blogs lukt het me wel!
Ik heb natuurlijk wel de detailfoto's in je Picasa-album gezien! Schitterend!

Veri zei

beautiful redwork-blocks