woensdag 11 maart 2009

Oude mystery

In the beginning of 2006 we were still living in Kew/Richmond near London where I was a member of the local quiltgroup of the British Quilt Association. They started a mystery where we would get a new clou every month and this project would run through the end of 2006. I had never worked on a mystery before, so it was a good opportunity to give it a try. We were given instructions to buy a certain amount of fabrics in dark medium and light colors. So I went to the quiltshop that is very close to the famous Hampton Court in the south-west area of London. They had beautiful batiks and I got really good advise. It is always difficult to decide on your fabrics if you do not know the pattern of the quilt, so we decided that there should be good contrast between the fabrics. I went home very satisfied with these fabrics:

After this, I collected the next clue every month and started to make them as soon as I had collected them 4 times or so, but then started to procrastinate and falling behind on schedule. When the organizer of the mystery had to move back from London to Australia, she had to give us the final clues all at once. By then I stored the final clues without checking them, because I wanted to continue a.s.a.p and did not want to see the final picture, because then it wasn't a mystery any more you see.

By the end of 2006 we heard that we were going to move to France, so I started to be busy with the move and did not do any patchwork until the summer of 2007. Al my W.I.P.'s were neatly stored away in boxes and I came across this mystery after we moved back to Germany this december 2008.

So when I could have a look at it in January 2009, the project had been sitting in the box for almost 1 1/2 years, something every quilter can relate to I suppose. When I saw the fabrics again I was still very in love with them so I continued working on the last clues and assembled the blocks according to the instructions.

After finishing the middle medallion, I was at a dead end with the whole thing. No instructions left to assemble a large pile of already sewed squares in a certain pattern. I was working on the project during a quilt retreat with my German quilting bee and I got a lot of helpful advise, but none of them were something I could live with.

Today I have been taking some pictures, because I forgot to do it in January and I also made some important decisions about how to make this project work.
There is still this fabric left

I took apart the light and medium pink rectangles, because they are a strange pattern in this constellation and I arranged them like this
There are already cut stripes and a few small blocks left over for now. I really have no clue where they were meant to be. I now will sew on a stripe of the dark red and probably will finish with a stripe of the dark grey as wide as possible. We shall see....

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Siriwitch zei

Hallo Marie-Thérèse.
der Quilt wird wunderschön, die Farben gefallen mir prima. Der ist bestimmt für mich :-)))).
Liebe Grüße
Iris Elchtier

inge zei

het wordt mooi hoor MT!

ingrid zei

Dat ziet er al erg mooi uit ; leuke stofjes ook !
Fijne avond , groetjes Ingrid.

catsmum zei

very pretty Marie-Therese - I'll look forward to seeing what you end up doing with the pieces