zondag 14 februari 2010

Two times eight minutes of jogging

Somewhere in December of last year I started the couch to 5k running program.

Two years ago I never made it to week two, don't ask me why. It was just too hard. We lived in France then, had the treadmill positioned opposite of the TV in our living room, because we knew we would not commit ourselves to excercise if the machine was stored in a quiet place of our house. This was not the first fitness machine we bought. We have had a rowing machine, a hometrainer, an elliptical machine, we got bored very quickly with all of them. We went to fitness studios and paid many monthly fees. We even lived in a house in London with the fantasicly equiped fitness studio and swimming pool free of charge and only four doors away: nothing keeps me interested. And also is it hard for me to stay motivated because I do not see any results on the scale, due to a slow thyroid.

So this time (two years ago i.i) we decided on the treadmill: a Tunturi with special surface that's easy on the bones. I had my running shoes adjusted with special insoles so my hips would not hurt. To be honest, what happened: when the excitement of the fantastic new toy had faded, we got used to the treadmill standing in the corner of the living room like some kind of cupboard.

Since we moved back to our house in Germany, the treadmill has its place in the basement. TV included. It took me almost a year before I was trying to get to be able to run for 30 min without dying.
This program is designed to have you run for 30 min after nine weeks. Each week you do 3 alternate days and then two days rest. The first week I had to rest two days after each excercise, because it hurt too much. The second week of the program I repeated twice. Then we had the Christmas week and I was not very motivated, so I started with week two after New Year. I was surprised to find out, that the whole training looked easier then, so apparently my body ist starting to accept the running program.

And now I am in the middle of week five. This is again a hard week. It still is not easy at all, but I am very proud to be able to run for all the required minutes and I do not have to cheat :o)
This morning I had to do: 5 min brisk warm-up walk / 8 min run / 5 min brisk walk / 8 min run / 5 min cool down. I sweat like a waterfall, but I can do it.
This coming tuesday will be the last day of week five and I have to do 5 min brisk walk warm-up / 20 min run! / 5 min cool down walk. This morning felt as if I will not be able to run the required 20 min on tuesday, but hopefully my body will accept the chore.

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Shirley zei

wow wat vind ik dat knap! Wat een doorzettingsvermogen, goed dat je wat afleiding hebt tijdens het besterven op de loopband. Sterkte met 20 minuten hard lopen, you can do it!