maandag 15 maart 2010

Jelly Rol Sampler quilt-along 2

Yesterday, while I just started to quilt one of the minis, I heard a noise near the bobbin of my sewingmachine and the threads were broken. When I resumed sewing after rethreading, stitches were left out. I did everything to solve the problem, like new needle, different size needle, other bobbin, clean the bobbin-area. Nothing worked. I even asked advice from my internet patchwork groups and got all kinds of usefull tips to remember when there is a problem with breaking of the thread. Sadly it did not help, so today I decided to show the machine to the Bernina technician. I had to leave the machine for servicing + repair. And could borrow another for the time of the repair. This machine is an old one, so I am not going to try freehand quilting. The minis will have to wait until my machine has been repaired.

This coming weekend I am going to a quilt-retreat in The Netherlands. It's from thursday to sunday. I have not packed anything yet....

But today we got the second block of the Jelly Rol Sampler Quilt Along and I can already show you my block:

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