maandag 26 april 2010

Eisenach 2

Yesterday night we took a walk from our hotel to a restaurant nearby for dinner. The hotel is located in a part of Eisenach where many large houses were built in the 1900s. So many of them are empty now and also they look neglected. We were born and raised in Amsterdam, where housing is still a problem, so I am looking at these beautiful houses with a bleeding heart. Apparently there are still problems with ownership and responsibilities, due to the DDR-era.

After dinner, on the way back to the hotel, I took a picture of the Wartburg:Today started, of course, with a tour around the famous Wartburg. Martin Luther translated the Holy Bible here, while he was granted assylum when he was ex-communicated from the Catholic Church after he had nailed his 95 theses.
Also, Richard Wagner stayed in Eisenach and was inspired by this castle for his Tannhäuser.
You need to be in good physical condition to be able to visit this place :o) The castle is located on top of a high mountain. You can drive up to a parking lot, or take the bus to the same point. From there you walk up a very steep road which ends on a high stairway. And when you think you are there, there are more stairs to climb. So after we return home from this vacation I will resume my excercises on the treadmill.
You can only visit the castle with a guided tour. They also let you pay one euro which allows for taking pictures (no flash). This guide did a very good job. He was very interesting to listen to. This is the concert hall that inspired Richard Wagner:The german flag is based on the one you see hanging in the middle of this hall.
In another part of the castle is located a small exhibition about the reformation and you can visit the original room with desk, etc that was used by Martin Luther:Nice view of the Wartburg:Me and DH in front of the castle:We decided to have lunch in the restaurant of the hotel next to the castle. They have Thüringer Wurst on the menu and it was very good.We spent the afternoon in Eisenach and visited the house where Johann Sebastian Bach is believed to be born. It is a museum now where you can learn a lot about his music. Yesterday I forgot to write the city of Dresden on our list of musts. We will go there after Leipzig. But before that I hope I have internet access so I can write about other places we visited.
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