zondag 18 april 2010

Mooie voorjaarsdag

DH cannot fly to Copenhagen tomorrow. Flights are still cancelled. Although I am very happy for everybody who has to live near an airport to have a few days where they can spend quiet time in their garden and an undisturbed night, I am certain that these airplane free days will have its effect on the economy.

I made some pictures of all the beginning life in our garden today:
Our apple- and plumtreeAn apple blossom:
Plum blossoms:
The strawberries, imported from England:More fruit shrubs (blueberry, raspberry, grapes):And what do we see overthere??Two asparagus spears. DH has planted them last year. We are not going to eat them yet. They can use all their energy to grow to give us our first harvest next year:The shallots and spring onions in between. He did a fine job of planting them like I (being a quilter) would have done In the greenhouse all kinds of seeds already sprouted. Our neighbour came over yesterday, offering some cherry tomato plants. In return he got some french cucumber plants.Isn't this a wonderful time of the year
Groetjes van Marie-Thérèse

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Judith zei

Ja het lijkt mij ook slecht voor de economie. Ben benieuwd of mijn broer woensdag nog naar Engeland gaat.