zondag 26 september 2010

Productieve dag

Last week, I had to undergo surgery, because my gyneacologist detected a so called Ovula Nabothi. Not really serious, but it had to be removed. Everything went smoothly, no pain afterwards, no side-effects of the anestesia. No harmfull cells were detected, so of course I was relieved. But now I am not allowed to put too much pressure on my lower belly, so no bike-riding, reduce climbing the stairs and take the elevator, no vacuming (no problem with that :o), not carry anything heavy, etc.

A few weeks ago I had started to begin my days with a brisk walk of 20 minutes around the castle close to my home. I am surprised about the impact of the intake fresh oxygen every morning in good and bad weather.

When I came home, I gathered the apples in our garden and had started to process everything into applesauce or applejuice. The last one-and-a-half-weeks I was not allowed to gather apples and I also was not allowed to carry the heavy pans. So the fruits had to wait until DH has the time to gather.

Today DH and I processed apples and quinces (our quince-tree in front of our house):

We decided to pasteurize the jars with applesauce and the bottles with the juices.  This is a test for us to see if you can use the quince-juice stored like this and make the quince-jelly when I feel like it later this season. We still have left-over jars with fruit jams and jellies from last year.....

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Shirley zei

mmm ziet er zo al lekker uit! En ga je ook nog die zalige -hik- drank maken die je in Elst mee had?